Name: Women Welcome in IT Breakfast

Hosted by UKOUG

Women Welcome in IT

By Debra Lilley

We’ve taken on your feedback and we’re happy to announce that our Women in IT Breakfast now has a new name – Welcome in IT. This is to recognise that we want to encourage everyone, particularly girls, into our industry.

We have so much to share, but for this event we are taking several current initiatives and bringing them together in a kick start to your Tuesday morning.

What’s on?
Debra Lilley, our member advocate chair, will give a quick recap on our WIT and NEXTGEN initiatives which are now all under this umbrella of Welcome in IT. She will also share the Oracle Academy Initiative that is happening at the UKOUG Conference 2017 on Wednesday.

Jennifer Nicholson from the Oracle Developer Community will then give us an update on the community recognition Oracle ACE Program. She is looking for more people to consider this, and particularly interested in more female Oracle developers being involved.

Caroline Apsey from Oracle will then share with us how the Oracle Data sponsorship of the Bloodhound Project includes all the data being open source and how they plan to inspire a generation through STEM.

Get involved!
Each of these initiatives comes with a call to action for you, our members, to get involved. It will be a fast-paced series of short talks followed by a Q&A. If you're interested in attending please email Claire Russell.

Presentation Begins: 05/12/2017 08:00

Duration: 45 minutes

Hall: Hall 4 Level 5 Foyer