JDE17 keynote: JD Edwards Investments that will Transform Your Business

Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President, Oracle Product Development speaks to UKOUG about the future of innovation…

“The future for JD Edwards users and others who use ERP technology is rooted in disruption from digital technology. In effect, it’s a change in business model from being reactive to becoming a dynamic contributor to the business. Digital enablement is key to how organisations will change in the future but what does it mean to be digital and how does it change your business? It’s this future I’ll be discussing at JDE17.

Digital transformation is not just about embracing new technology. It’s about a change in thought and organisation culture. Organisations need to address the change in their business scenarios, dynamic business demands and innovate quickly in ways that cater to these changing needs.

When businesses shift the way they operate, from their traditional mode of operation and management to modern and technology oriented ways of operation, the transition is referred to as digital transformation. Lowering operational costs and enhancing customer experience is the goal of digital transformation.

Taking Internet of Things (IoT) as an example, this is disruptive technology that gives manufacturers real-time analytics and enables them to evaluate and react during the manufacturing cycle, rather than waiting until after specific points have been reached.

Wine producers are early adopters in this area. They are both farmers and scientists, and can use IoT to automatically fine-tune, for example, irrigation systems using real-time data from soil temperature, moisture and humidity measurements to achieve optimal soil moisture.

Mobile technology can be another key disrupter. With mobile, we’re moving the point of process to the customer. It could be a mobile device used by an employee offering real-time product customisation or a customer using an app designed to incentivise repeat business.”

“Cloud is undoubtedly the future. We can think of cloud as being an enabler of disruptive technology, in that it makes it possible to innovate in these areas without having to invest in new on-premise solutions.

As a JD Edwards customer, you’re uniquely placed in being able to pick and choose your preferred mix of on-premise and cloud solutions. For example, you could continue to run JD Edwards where it’s needed for your business, while using Oracle Cloud to run a solution for mobile technology where everything is managed by Oracle.

In effect, it’s providing human capital to your business and letting you get on with the business of driving innovation forward.”

“The ability to tap into the possibilities offered by new technologies doesn’t just happen. We must ensure it does, in partnership with you, via continuous innovation and continuous adoption.

Continuous innovation: We continue to add technology and solutions to the JD Edward portfolio that enables you to take on the advantages of digital disruption, in quarterly updates.

Continuous adoption: These quarterly updates are significantly quicker to apply and you can choose the specific updates you want (e.g. IoT but not mobile) that align with your business goals.

Together, they give you faster and more agile access to the innovative new technologies you need.”

“I’m particularly looking forward to talking about and demonstrating our new user experience for JD Edwards at JDE17, and showing you what it can do for your business.

Called UX1, it’s a graphical interface aligned to business process that is highly intuitive and can be personalised. The latter helps to eliminate customisation and the challenges this causes with upgrades. But it’s more than just a benefit for the IT side of the business.

UX1 gives the user a visual representation of the data so they can quickly make a decision. If someone on the shop floor is monitoring a production line, they see their business data in a UX1 designed application that provides alerts, analytics, and the ability to take action. If they are a service technician, they see their business data in UX1 in the appropriate way for them. If there’s one thing you definitely need to catch at JDE17, this is it.”

Lyle Ekdahl is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle's JD Edwards product family. He leads development, quality assurance, product management, product strategy, content engineering, quality engineering, and business development for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World applications.

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