Kriss Akabusi

UK Oracle User Group Conference Guest Speaker:

Hear from Kriss Akabusi Tuesday 5th December 17:40-18:50 in Hall 1.


I’m really looking forward to seeing you all on the 5th December at JDE17. Here’s a summary of what you can expect from our time together.

Through four stories, I hope to inspire you to appreciate that all of us know more than any one of us. When we step into any arena with passion, with pride and a can-do attitude, we do so on the back of all the important people who have influenced our lives. I’ll help you understand how our similarities make us champions and our differences make us unique, and why those unique inputs are vital in any peak performance environment.

The stories I’ll share feature some key people who have really impacted my ongoing journey through life, and together demonstrate the importance of Mentorship, Beginner’s Mind Set, Supporting Each Other and Team Mind Set.

You’ll hear about Sgt. MacKenzie – my very first mentor-coach who I met aged 16. A 29-year-old army sergeant, this man identified my potential, and you’ll hear how his belief in me set me on a trail to championship athletics. Through this story, I’ll show you how we can all be mentors to somebody, and why mentorship is so important in any successful environment.

Beginner’s Mind Set
I’ll then introduce you to what I call ‘Beginner’s Mind Set’, using the story of Roger Black. When I first met Roger, he was younger than me and from a different background – but he was fresh to the scene, and with that freshness, he brought a Beginner’s Mind Set. By seeing the world with new eyes, it was Roger who helped us reshape what success was.

Sometimes, we just need somebody to come in and infect us, to open up our eyes, to give us a little shake and make us think about our goals and objectives. Are we doing things the way we are because we’ve always done it that way? Or is there an opportunity to see the world from a different place and achieve more?

Supporting Each Other
Sometimes in life, things happen outside your sphere of control. And no matter how successful you are, at some stage you’re going to be railroaded in your business. To highlight this – and what we can do when it happens – I’ll share the story of Derek Redmond and his father, and how, despite the tragedy which occurred for this young man, they were able to reassess what they’d do in that moment to cross the line.

It’ll make you think about your attitude when unexpected things happen, whether you’re prepared to support one another in times of difficulty, and how to reassess the way ahead from that point onwards.

Team Mind Set
I’ll end on the concept of Team Mind Set – using my experiences in the 4 x 4 relay team to explain the ingredients for exceptional teamwork. We’ll think about strengths and weaknesses and how, when you’ve got that baton, when you’re at the bench, you are the team. We’ll also take a moment to consider how ‘trust’ is key to the environment we’re operating in, and we’ll tease out its myriad of implications using something called the ‘Trust Equation’!

Through these stories, I hope to leave you with some provoking points, some enduring thoughts and some new ideas for you to pick the bones out of! Different elements will mean more to different people, but that’s the beauty of storytelling, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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